Social Marketing Or What it Takes to Change Behaviour

This is the first in a series of posts I will write on social marketing over the next few days. 

Recent research on the effectiveness of social marketing campaigns has demonstrated that some campaigns aimed at changing behaviour produce superior results while others based on the same message premise fail to meet objectives. Steering people toward healthy choices, it appears, has to go beyond the typical methods of raising awareness of an issue and highlighting rational strategies for changing behaviours. This may well be of particular importance in activities that are essential to human survival, such as sexual reproduction or food consumption, yet also hold significant health and social risks.

Therefore, it may not a matter of categorical change, but of discriminating change. A level of emotional intelligence should be appealed to and fostered through a variety of methods in order to achieve the desired behavioural changes. Research suggests that a large number of decisions are made every day in an instinctive, automatic manner, learned over time and reinforced in many subtle and explicit ways. Advances in neuroscience, in particular the ability to examine information processing and decision-making through brain scans, have enabled more clarity in how these processes might work. 

3 thoughts on “Social Marketing Or What it Takes to Change Behaviour

  1. working

    From our experience in social marketing in jordan, research indicates that a large number of people are not reacting towards social communication messages, the fact that they are continouslty getting exposed to the same messgae and within the same approach , this entitles a negative or non behavioural change towards that issue of awareness or pevention. yet , we came up with many communication messages that had an amazing impact by using a nonconventional approach, the market is being exposed daily to many messages and the reaction towards those messages are minimal, simply because the market is mature and savvy. the trickis : Focus on your target and expose what they need.
    approach your target creatively and differently and always seek for differentiation . . .

    the message will be absobed and as we are all aware change requires LONG enough time.

  2. Inga Petri

    Thanks for your comment.

    I agree that targeting specific audiences in a way that reaches them with a message that matters to them is important. Creativity coupled with insights about a specific audience segment should create better results than shouting out general messages.

    What are some of the social marketing issues important in Jordan?

  3. working

    social marketing in jordan is being catered at diffedrent levels:
    1. Education: official and VTC carrying different topic to encourage different types and ways of education
    2.Health: focusing on cancer related issues, funds to help cure children from lukemia, special campaigns aiming at educationg the audience of deadly obesity,others infroming Jordainans about the importance of a healthy life style through excersize and healthy eating habbits
    3. Water sector: inform the audience about the water crisis in jordan and ways to tackle and reduce the crisis such as using water saving devises..etc
    4. Solid waste management
    5. Energy management
    6. passive smoing campaigns
    7. reproductive health awareness
    8. AIDS awareness and VTC counseling
    and many more.
    if you are interested in social marketing, join the group social marketing in jordan and it provides with continous updated news about social issues as we “prisma” are the sole social agency in the middle east who is specilized in social marketing.

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